This is a crisis within a crisis.

The communities hardest hit by the pandemic are the same communities fighting for access to housing, pathways out of poverty, and high-quality education. The ongoing protests and last week’s homeless count - which shows homelessness increased 13% in L.A. County - underscore that these persistent gaps are the result of structural racism that succeeds in depriving communities of color access and opportunity.

A crisis within a crisis.

To meet this moment and give our communities the resources they need to pursue justice and equity, we need your support. Donations are needed by June 30 and every dollar counts.

Your contribution will help secure:

  • Housing for our unsheltered neighbors
  • Financial assistance for low-wage & unemployed workers
  • Education resources & technology for students

We are committed to making this work our priority. You can help us make a difference today.

Help us meet the need.